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Spices and seasonings have been in my family for over sixty years.  Originally located on First Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Foran primarily serviced the meat industry in the Milwaukee area.  The strong European influence in the city afforded us the opportunity to experience many different ethnic varieties of sausages and lunch meats, which gave us our foundation in serving the meat and sausage industry.

As Foran Spice continued to grow, we moved our location in 1970 to Oak Creek, Wisconsin. This new location provided us room to expand our plant processing, research/development, and quality assurance operations, as well as easy transportation access via its proximity to Milwaukee International Airport and to Interstate 94.  In the 1990s our growth accelerated and we diversified our business to serve the snack, food service, ethnic flavors, poultry applications, bakery and tortillas, private label, and frozen foods industries.  We have been privileged to enjoy continued growth into the new millennium, which allowed us to build a new state-of-the-art Technical Center and staff exceptional talent to serve the needs of our customers and the ever-changing food industry.

Over the years, my father had a great influence on how we do business today.  He taught me that hard work, customer satisfaction, creativity, and perseverance will take one wherever he or she wants to go.  The attitude of responsive customer service at all times permeates every aspect of our company.  The belief that our customers and employees are our biggest assets is the foundation for everything we do.

When my father transitioned the business to me in 1997, I committed to making sure we didn’t lose sight of our history, and that we honored the past while progressing toward the future.  That is the philosophy of everyone at Foran. As the food industry changes, we are at the forefront of innovation.  Whether it be in the development of new products, processing, or food safety, we strive every day to be the best for our customers and their consumers!

As the president of a woman-owned business in the food industry, I work to inspire the same values and dedication in my Foran family that my father instilled in me.

Patty Goto – President, Foran Spice Co., Inc.

60 Years of Excellence!

60 Years of Excellence!

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